Equipment Requirements

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When do players need to wear full equipment?

At pre-season drop ins in January and February players only need to wear a hockey helmet with a cage and gloves.  

In late February as pre-season team practice get underway  and we move closer to the beginning of the season in April, your team manager or coach will let you know when full equipment will be required.

In March, U13, U15 and U17 divisions begin wearing full gear  so please be prepared.  U7/U9 and U11 parents should have gear ready by late March.

Full equipment is always required once the season begins in April.

Where can I find used equipment?

Watch the CVLA Facebook page and other online sales pages like Marketplace for used equipment posts.

Required Equipment

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are mandatory for players in all divisions and need to be molded at home before use.

Stick Length

The overall stick length minimum is 40″ and maximum is 46″.

For U13 division and below, the minimum overall stick length is 34″. 

See the CLA Box Lacrosse Rulebook on the BCLA website for more information.

Sticks:  CVLA offers sticks to new U7, U9 and U11 players at-cost. 

New in 2024!  We have two sticks available for sale at pre-season practices in February and March:

    • our older stock at $30 a stick, while supplies last 
    • new Warrior Evo Jr sticks at $50, supplied to the Association at-cost by Happy’s Source for Sports
U7 and U9 Divisions

Players must wear this basic equipment:

  • hockey helmet with facemask,
  • gloves,
  • shoulder pads,
  • elbow pads,
  • athletic support and cup, 
  • mouthguard

Players can use hockey equipment.  Lacrosse-specific gloves, shoulder pads, and elbow guards offer more flexibility, but are not required.

New Player Tips! 

  • Practice dressing and wearing your full gear and mouthguard at home before your first full-gear practice! 
  • Come early to your first full-gear practice to give yourself lots of time to get your player dressed.
  • Some U7/U9 players like to wear soft volleyball-style knee pads to protect their knees from falls. Hockey sock tape helps keep knee pads in place.
U11, U13, U15 and U17 Divisions

Players in these divisions require the same equipment as U7/U9 along with

  • shoulder pads with arm/bicep pads, and
  • back/kidney pads. 

Lacrosse gloves offer excellent protection and flexibility. Short cuff hockey gloves can be used, but they don’t offer the same grip or flexibility.


Is your player interested in being a goalie?  Talk to your team manager or coach at practice.

Goalie equipment is provided by the Association, except for helmets.  Goalies in younger divisions can use a regular helmet with a dangler throat guard attached. Goalies in higher divisions may choose to purchase their own gloves, stick, and protective cup.

Lacrosse Canada sets standards for box lacrosse goalie equipment based on the height of the goalie for chest/arm protectors, pants, and leg guards.  CVLA follows these standards and provides suitable equipment for all divisions.