COVID-19 Guidelines

Comox Valley Lacrosse Association Return to Play Participant Safety
Guidelines for Box Lacrosse Participants

(excerpted from BCLA Phase 3 Guidelines and Safety Plan posted at

Thank you for choosing to practice your box lacrosse skills and drills with Comox Valley Lacrosse Association (CVLA) this season. In order to ensure this is a safe and fun activity for all participants, we need you to review and acknowledge some ground rule (these can be thought of along the lines of a player/spectator contract). We acknowledge and appreciate these are new routines and habits, and we are all learning together.

These guidelines are founded in the principles of mutual respect for the safety and well-being of all participants;  particularly at this time the principles of maintaining 2 meter distancing, frequent hand washing, and staying home if showing any, even mild COVID or flu like symptoms. Failure to observe these guidelines that or engaging in behaviours that are harmful to any other sport participants will result in an immediate suspension of participation. Failing to comply with the BC Health Authority, viaSport BC, local municipalities and BCLA’s Phase 3 Return to Lacrosse Guidelines could put the entire BCLA Membership under suspension by the BC Health Authority or member associations/clubs respective municipalities. Therefore, failure to comply with the laws, rules, and protocols set out by the Federal and Provincial governments, the BC Lacrosse Association, facilities, municipalities, and all health agencies/authorities may result in disciplinary action.


Please arrive at the location dressed in full gear (per coach direction) 15 minutes prior to the activity.

Coaches/managers will take attendance, confirm current contact information, and direct player and gear bag to their designated, distanced space on the field. Each participant must have their own clearly marked water bottle with their first and last name with a spout or straw to aim into mouth while still wearing helmet.

Participants should use their own Lacrosse equipment — NO SHARING equipment, apparel, etc.

All participants must always wear required protective equipment as outlined by CLA rules and regulations (ie, helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, etc.)

Participants must not touch balls with their hands and only use their stick to pick balls up.

Each participant must have their own clearly marked water bottle with their first and last name with a spout or straw to aim into mouth while still wearing helmet.

Participants must focus on the coaches and their directions when waiting to perform drills, no fooling around in lines.

Participants must sanitize/disinfect their equipment and clean clothing after every activity session.

Appendix A: Lacrosse Specific Touch Points Matrix


  1. A club team manager/personnel will take attendance at the check-in area as each player enters the facility. The attendance area will be clearly marked, and will include the provision of physical distancing pylons/cones or markers for those waiting to check in.
  2. After a player is checked in, they will be assigned to a pylon/tape marker on the playing surface. The pylon/tape marker will allow for ample physical distancing, and will serve as the player’s personal station and water bottle location. Players will be required to wait at their cone until the coach is ready to begin the session. It will be important to carefully explain and adhere to the routine and model it for the players.

Note: Bench areas and viewing areas may be limited or closed by municipal guidelines. Parents/guardians may be able to view the session while practicing social distancing if permitted by the municipality. Masks should be worn by all non-participating persons inside of an indoor facility.

Indoor Facility Session Departure Process: 3.

The coach will be responsible for reviewing the exit plan with the players. At the conclusion of the session, the coach will dismiss each player one by one from their pylon/marker to prevent gathering. Players are expected to exit the facility and proceed directly to their car

Play Modifications:

Youth Field/Men’s Field:

Games are 6v6 (U7 & U9: 6 players) and 10v10 (U11 & Older).

U7 & U9: two attackers, two midfielders, two defenders and no goaltenders.

Game duration – U7 & U9 consist of 2 x 20-minute halves running time; U11 & Older consists of 4 x 12-minute quarters (or 24 min. halves). All games include a half time break.

Goals are the appropriate size to the division being played. U7 & U9 use drop downs on goals.

No Face-offs – Each game will start with a coin flip that will determine first possession of the game with possession alternating to begin each period. The team that wins possession starts with a “free clear” at center.

Restarts – After a goal is scored, the team scored upon begins play once the goaltender retrieves the ball from the goal. Play restarts once the ball is 20 yards laterally from the goal crease before play is blown in (like a crease violation restart).

Loose balls The nearest player who makes clear advancement towards a ball will be awarded possession. The opposing player(s) must reposition themselves to avoid contact. The official will call out the jersey colour of the player nearest to the ball.

Contact – Close proximity and contact should be minimized as much as possible. Regular Men’s Field contact rules apply in sport cohorts scrimmages and games. All deliberate offensive contact anywhere on the field will be a change of possession except contact covered in the rule book (ie, picks & screens). Attempt to avoid incidental contact whenever possible. All deliberate defensive contact anywhere on the field will be penalized as a personal foul.

Player substitutions can be on the fly from the player exchange area. Changing players must be given the right of way when entering the field.